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Hey Republicans! Why So Serious?

You may have read this already, but just in case you haven’t, Ben Smith from recently wrote this article regarding the new strategy of the RNC to dominate the mid-term elections. I won’t try to put words in his mouth, so please read the article yourselves. The thing I find most troubling isn’t the fact that they plan on using these tactics. We’ve all known this was coming, sure we didn’t expect a power point presentation to be leaked so we could all read it or watch it on TV, but these tactics and these insults aren’t exactly new. The Tea Party was born out of these insults and radical remarks. And because the Republican party is pandering to the Tea Party, one would expect them to adopt the same radical philosophy because let’s face it, the Tea Party is getting even more press than the RNC these days.

But wait, I was supposed to be telling you why this WASN’T the most troubling fact. Sorry, guess I got sidetracked there. What is most troubling is that instead of trying to help pass legislation in a time when the American people need it the most, they are developing an amateurish cartoon campaign soundbite collection to defeat the “socialists.” Look, if there’s something in the bill (or any other bill) you don’t like then work on solutions to include in the bill, that’s what we pay you to do. I have never heard a president more willing to incorporate ideas from the opposition than Obama. But you can’t even admit that the bill may have some good things in it. It doesn’t matter how many meetings the President has with opposition leaders, you will never admit that a Democrat can bring anything to the table, and that’s how it’s always been. So while you may be the ones spreading the fear this fall, I know that it is you that are truly afraid. Why? Because health reform, one of the single biggest pieces of legislation this century, has a chance at passing under a Democrat ruled Washington. That scares you for two reasons.

1. If health reform passes under the Democrats, then the bill will not be shaped the way you want it. That means it will favor the American people instead of the American corporations.
2. If health reform passes under the Democrats, then they just gave the American people what they want without your help.

So no, I won’t be surprised when people show up to your rallies with posters that have Obama wearing swastikas, with the Chinese flag waving in the background and his face painted like the joker. That’s just business as usual. But I bet you’ll be surprised when you FAIL! And when you do, I’ll be there to ask you “Why So Serious?”


2 Responses to “Hey Republicans! Why So Serious?”

  1. Hello Justin,

    Congratulations on an excellent start of your blog. I hope you’re able to keep your finger on the political pulse and continue to tell the truth – that’s really all it takes. As we know, that commodity – Truth – can be in short supply in the political arena. But when it comes to GOP strategy, truth-twisting and outright lies appear to be part of their modus operandi. Instead of operating above board and with total honesty and transparency, the Grand Old Party has instead chosen the lowest of the low roads; i.e., fear mongering and obstructionism. Unfortunately, these tactics do not have the interests of the American citizen at heart and accomplish nothing. Their only objectives, as you have suggested in your blog essay, is to stonewall their way to the next election and to not give any sort of victory to President Obama, the Democratic Party, and finally, the American people. This self-centered and selfish posture degrades our greatest American institutions and could even be interpreted as unconstitutional since they are not fulfilling their promises and commitments to serving the American people. Furthermore, for the GOP to stoop to a display of sophomoric caricature is not only unconscionable but insulting to our intelligence.

    So it is our responsibility to deflect and diffuse this type of behavior by trying our best to disseminate truthful information to as many eyes and ears as possible. Your blog will be an important part of this conversation. So I wish you well in this endeavor. We are, after all, a citizen militia in both words and action. May your words ring True!

    Yours in Freedom,

    Jerry Kahrs

  2. Hey Jerry

    Thanks for the comment. I’ll be trying to keep it real over here. Who knows how successful that will be, but I will be trying you can be sure of that. Keep checking back for new posts. Hope to see you on here in the future.


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