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My Intro to Blogging

As the title suggests, this is my intro to blogging.  I’ve read a few here and there, but have never been motivated to start one of my own…. until now. Gnawvice Gnews will be a place for me to share my views and opinions about current events and politics.  Obviously my opinions will not be shared by all and they will not be shunned by all.  I hope to gain a following at some point, and if that happens great.  If it does not happen, I will probably still use this blog as an outlet for my urge to write about the way I see the world.  I hope some of you that stop by will join me for the journey.  If you do choose to join me here at Gnawvice Gnews please be aware that I am new to this and I am trying to update the site to make it more visually pleasing to all, but that may take some time, however I am committed to achieving that goal.  So I will cut it short for now, but will be back with more very very soon.



2 Responses to “My Intro to Blogging”

  1. Great start Gnawvice Gnews,
    Yes, it’s true that you will be tweeking your blog as you get used to blogging, layout, how the page composition works for you etc. It’s early days, it will evolve as you want it over time.
    We travelled to Canada last year and resolved to return, we loved it there too. Ditto USA (We were in Maine most of the time).
    As an outlet for personal fulfilment on the writing/creative front, blogging is excellent. If you appeal to others and they follow you then that’s just bonus. the icing on the cake 🙂
    You can tell when people write if they are having fun and if they are passionate about that they are doing, people who post with enthusiam, share their ethusiam, and who doesn’t like that? Start posting, Take it away.. and see where it leads you.
    Great start , keep up the good work.

    regards Kiwidutch:)

  2. Thank you very much kiwidutch! It’s great to know that there are readers out there. It truly is fun to say what I have to say in a blog, but the experience is more enjoyable when you know someone is paying attention. I hope you stick around, and I will be sure to frequent your blog as well.



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