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You may have read this already, but just in case you haven’t, Ben Smith from recently wrote this article regarding the new strategy of the RNC to dominate the mid-term elections. I won’t try to put words in his mouth, so please read the article yourselves. The thing I find most troubling isn’t the fact that they plan on using these tactics. We’ve all known this was coming, sure we didn’t expect a power point presentation to be leaked so we could all read it or watch it on TV, but these tactics and these insults aren’t exactly new. The Tea Party was born out of these insults and radical remarks. And because the Republican party is pandering to the Tea Party, one would expect them to adopt the same radical philosophy because let’s face it, the Tea Party is getting even more press than the RNC these days.

But wait, I was supposed to be telling you why this WASN’T the most troubling fact. Sorry, guess I got sidetracked there. What is most troubling is that instead of trying to help pass legislation in a time when the American people need it the most, they are developing an amateurish cartoon campaign soundbite collection to defeat the “socialists.” Look, if there’s something in the bill (or any other bill) you don’t like then work on solutions to include in the bill, that’s what we pay you to do. I have never heard a president more willing to incorporate ideas from the opposition than Obama. But you can’t even admit that the bill may have some good things in it. It doesn’t matter how many meetings the President has with opposition leaders, you will never admit that a Democrat can bring anything to the table, and that’s how it’s always been. So while you may be the ones spreading the fear this fall, I know that it is you that are truly afraid. Why? Because health reform, one of the single biggest pieces of legislation this century, has a chance at passing under a Democrat ruled Washington. That scares you for two reasons.

1. If health reform passes under the Democrats, then the bill will not be shaped the way you want it. That means it will favor the American people instead of the American corporations.
2. If health reform passes under the Democrats, then they just gave the American people what they want without your help.

So no, I won’t be surprised when people show up to your rallies with posters that have Obama wearing swastikas, with the Chinese flag waving in the background and his face painted like the joker. That’s just business as usual. But I bet you’ll be surprised when you FAIL! And when you do, I’ll be there to ask you “Why So Serious?”


The Olympics are over.  Right, I know, I really didn’t need to tell you that.  But they are over, and let the speculation begin.  As with any other Olympics, people will continue to compare these games to all the other Winter Olympic Games since 1924.  For me these Olympics were special because although I am American, part of my heart will always belong to Canada.  I spent a few years in Canada going to university, and I’ll be honest, while I was there I fell in love with the place.  The people, the land and just the atmosphere are unbelievable.  So what bugged me about this Olympics was all the hating on Canada.  People were so focused on Lindsey Vonn that they probably missed Tom Brokaw’s “love letter” to Canada.  This inspiring piece shows us Americans, especially those of us who don’t know much about our northerly neighbor, that Canada is more than just funny accents and stereotypes.  Canada has been a friend to our nation in our greatest need.  They were with us in WWII, they were with us on 9/11 and they were and still are our strongest ally in our “fight on terror” around the world.  In a time when very few nations wanted to help us go to war in Afghanistan, Canadian soldiers were fighting and dying there right along American soldiers.  So again, let me ask “Why all the hating on Canada?”  We teased them about their Own the Podium program without really understanding what it was.  Of course every nation wants to be at the top of the medal count, and if I said I wasn’t super proud of all the Americans that represented my country and helped us to win the most medals, then I’d be lying.

Own the Podium was designed to increase funding and help instill a since of excitement and pride in Canadian athletes. Don’t we do the same thing here with our athletes? Before this Olympics Canada had never won a gold medal on home soil.  That means in the 1976 summer games in Montreal and in the 1988 winter games in Calgary, Canada was never able to stand on top of the podium.  In these Vancouver games Canada won 14 gold medals.  That is not only a record for Canada, but it is now an Winter Olympic Games record for the most gold medals by a single country in one Winter Olympics.  So did Own the Podium fail? I hardly think so.  I only hope they keep it up (as with every other country) because if they don’t some of our sports could go the way of women’s softball and men’s baseball.

My point is, there is nothing wrong with cheering on the good US of A, God knows I was, but why do we have to cheer against our good friends up north? The Olympics are a place where athletes go, after years of hard work, and play their hardest for their countries.  At the end of the day, and this is tradition in Olympic history, when the games are over the athletes are supposed to leave the games as citizens of the world, not one nation.   We are all on this planet and the Olympics, more than anything else, are a celebration of humanity, not the country with the most medals at the end.

p.s. My link to the CBC article has a video of what aired just prior the Olympics, but NBC has taken it down due to copyright violations. I was able to find the video on YouTube, but who knows how long it will be up before NBC takes it down.


As the title suggests, this is my intro to blogging.  I’ve read a few here and there, but have never been motivated to start one of my own…. until now. Gnawvice Gnews will be a place for me to share my views and opinions about current events and politics.  Obviously my opinions will not be shared by all and they will not be shunned by all.  I hope to gain a following at some point, and if that happens great.  If it does not happen, I will probably still use this blog as an outlet for my urge to write about the way I see the world.  I hope some of you that stop by will join me for the journey.  If you do choose to join me here at Gnawvice Gnews please be aware that I am new to this and I am trying to update the site to make it more visually pleasing to all, but that may take some time, however I am committed to achieving that goal.  So I will cut it short for now, but will be back with more very very soon.